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What to Do (and What to Avoid) When Transporting Heavy-duty Equipment?


At Groupe Lipari, heavy duty equipment handling is one of our core specialties. Over the past 50 years, we have acquired considerable expertise in the transportation (rigging), storage and moving (residential, commercial and industrial) sector, which is widely recognized by the industry. Armed with proven know-how in this field, we are proud to share some of our knowledge with you in a user-friendly manner. In this blog, discover the good and bad behaviours to adopt when transporting heavy duty equipment. Happy reading!

Heavy-Duty Equipment Transportation: Key Points to Conside
  • Hire Professionals: It can be highly dangerous to entrust the transportation of heavy machinery to non-professionals. This is a delicate operation that involves complex legal aspects, to say the least. Do you want to avoid getting a hefty fine because certain stowage standards were not followed? Don't take unnecessary risks: call the experts!

  • Perform a Two-Tiered Preventive Check: Safety is paramount when transporting heavy equipment. Before you hit the road, the truck, deck, equipment and attached devices must be tested, checked and double-checked by at least two people. Omitting this step is not only risky, but irresponsible! Also, remember to keep a written record of the inspection (e.g. checklist and signatures of authorized persons).

  • Protect Motorists: It is your duty to ensure the safety of road users when transporting heavy equipment. Make sure your load is well marked (flags, reflective signs) and securely fasten safety barriers

Heavy Equipment Transportation: Unacceptable Behaviour

What should you never do while transporting heavy equipment? A large number of things, including:

  • Exceeding speed limits;

  • Keeping the motor idle in confined and poorly ventilated spaces;

  • Taking turns or overtaking without checking your blind spots;

  • Driving while extremely tired or under the influence of illegal substances.

At Groupe Lipari Déménagement de Machinerie, our drivers abide by strict rules in order to ensure that risks are reduced to a minimum during the transportation of heavy equipment. Trust Our Expertise!

For superior quality transportation, storage and handling services (machinery) at competitive prices in Montreal and surrounding areas (Pointe-Claire, Vaudreuil, Lachine...), remember our name: Groupe Lipari Déménagement de Machinerie. Contact us for more information!


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